This site is proposed to list the names of people, organisations etc that are considered to be 'Feckers'.

The definition of 'Feckers' is taken from Answers.COM.

Fecking is a mild abusive equivalent in force to "bleeding" or "darned." It is not a parallel of the English word "fucking", despite their similarity, and is generally less offensive. "
Feck" is the corresponding expletive. The noun "fecker" is slightly stronger but not vulgar. These terms were lately introduced to Britain by Father Ted.
In old Dubliner slang, "to feck' is also slang for "to steal", as in the phrase, "We went to the orchard and fecked some apples."

Based on this, a 'Fecker' is someone or something that causes annoyance but not necessarily to the same level as the other four letter word that begins with 'f'.

Other uses:
Scaldy Bastard = A narky fecker (or an uptight person)
Feck off = Get lost